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MOVING2FAST was founded in summer 2001 with its homebase in zürichs suburban underground. as one of the many swiss bass systems to shake the drum&bass scene, M2F stands for LFO-sequencing, hard drums and beats and uprising basslines. they represent the whole spectrum of drum&bass from abstract flavours to dancefloor-killers. MOVING2FAST provides own music productions for the latest sound. the MOVING2FAST network create an own market for all individual music requirements. furthermore the idea about co-production is to offer a platform for artists and support overlapping projects.


://: Artist on Moving2fast ://:
- Aeonlux
- BinaryXS
- BigSema
- Cave Canem
- Desperado
- Devilish
- DoMoTon
- Greenscreen
- Jamda
- Lorenn Loren
- Move Inc.
- Semantik
- Skullz
- Steady